i’m back!!hell yeah…

well..uhm..there’s two thing that i have to change in my blog anyway..

1. theme

2. language

Of course I have reason:

  1. For blog theme: I’m getting bored with many free wordpress themes, they’re not really satisfy me because I still can’t get my favor in blog appearance :\ I’ve been trying so damnit hard to make my own wordpress theme using < a href=” http://www.wpdesigner.com/2007/02/19/so-you-want-to-create-wordpress-themes-huh/”&gt; small potato’s tutorial</a>  it’s the most understanding wordpress theme making tutorial anyway…I’m fine with css since I ever “play” with it while friendster still popular, but still….i’m too lazy and I still get rid with all that frightening php, which bring me into…nothing but headache. -_-“ I give up. I need more time to learn php, so for unknown time limit,  it seems I have to searching trough google for “fancy” themes again..nah…I’m so lazyyyy‼
  2. If you notice, all my latest post are written in Indonesia language, including minis making section. Probably some of my miniaturist (and so do clay artist) friends being confuse while reading my blog (trust me google translate isn’t helpful at all  ). Probably I’ll write minis and clay related in English, then school and campus related in Indonesia. I’m not sure for other category,it could be flexible 😉

That’s all for announcement, also the only reason why I left this blog hiatus? See point #1

Seems like I left this blog for more than a month..hehe *gettin slapped* actually I’m not spent some hours everyday to make themes, I more spending time hanging nose in Zap Animation, learn to play bass and…a cool guy caught my attention, and he wants to teach me playin bass‼*screaming in joyful*

hey..boy..you’re look so good…i like the way you move!!

I admit, It’s been 5 years the last time I fell in love so hard like this…god..would you help me to get his attention??

Alright, enough babbling, Let’s talk about minis again‼‼ \(^0^)/

While I saw <a href=”http://www.snowfern-clover.blogspot.com”>snowfern’s blog</a> posted about vacuum forming, I’m going beserk‼ it’s a technique that I searching for a long time of all my minis making experience‼

I saw trough her post and links that she featured about vacuum forming, then I realize one thing: I don’t have vacuum cleaner. Soon I contacted Zap Animation’s owner, ask for vacuum cleaner, bought some hardboard from photocopy center, then I made my own vacuum forming machine in the same day 😀

I forgot to take the “machine”’s picture. Vacuum forming is containing 3 parts;

1)the vacuum cleaner itself

2) the “machine”, a kind of air proof box with small holes (or you can replace it with wire filter or anything that have many small holes) in one side (it’s the only air access while vacuum machine turned on, to suck up your melted plastic to be formed with it’s caster). And also another medium single hole in one side for vacuum machine pipe access.

3)2 frames that made from popsicle stick or something like that to hold the plastic to keep it steady while being heating and vacuuming.

if you want to make your own, ask trough google (mine’s following from instructables). After the machine is ready to use (a.k.a the glue has already dried) I don’t have any enlightment about what kind of plastic that I have to use for vacuum forming, instructables says recycled plastic, for example, mineral bottle plastic. But it seems doesn’t “flat” enough to slip it between frames. So I ride my bike around pasar baru and cibadak, that thankfully I found the plastic 😀 it call mica plastic and available in 3 kind of thickness. i wanted the thickest ones, but it’s too expensive L so I bought the second one for about ½ meter long.

while searching the plastic, I made some “caster” from cold porcelain, because I don’t have any good object as caster object (I’ve been thinking to buy some resin fruit package at Crayon’s Craft, before I realized that the price is damnit expensive).

So here it is‼ several times failed in practicing, select the better ones, cut it, then shoot it with some 1:12 sushi and macaroons. Thankfully the package is fit perfectly fo 6 macaroons .

I’m very,very satisfied with the result, and have to save money for thicker plastic, because this one is too soft for me, and it seems doesn’t lasts longer.

I also made some plastic plate using <a href=”http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/029/0/6/miniature_glass_tutorial_by_steffi786-d38bopm.png”>Miniature Glass Tutorial by steffi786</a> 😀

While waiting for the next class, I carved some minis spoon with cure blades, sandpaper, and popsicle stick. I made all these spoon less than 1,5 hours and I made a wooden knife and fork backhome J.some of my classmate staring me with open mouthed while i sand them XD.

I realized that my hobby is…expensive because it’s a kind of disposable things, yes I can “recycle” some of grace clay because it’s price, but I can’t do that with cold porcelain and polymer clay, right? So decide to make some phone charms after my first commission.

 colorful feather


3 scoop of ice cream

i also made earring!!

cupcakes 😀


ice cream in a cone

this one is my fav:cookie!!!

yin and yang ghost

and another ice cream 🙂

What do you think??it’s all god? I entrust them on my friend to sell it (yeah he has a good marketing skills) perhaps all could be sold out .

So, that’s all my news so far… it would be a very loooong post if I put all the things that I did while hiatus. So I have to break it down. see ya!