Laziness (?)

I forgot when the last time I write something here. I just like out of myself. Well, not exactly “out”, but it’s like my laziness going feral. I won’t to do my minithesis proposal, I hate to attend a class, and even I just won’t make any claywork that actually my hobby. All my clay supplies and tools are stored, almost untouched, for almost a year.

Then, what I actually did so far? Well, it’s play too much video games.

And I have ALL Fallout games plus its add-ons. Well, except fallout 1 & 2.

Sometimes I’m thinking about my minithesis proposal, then my mind just like saying “you can do that later, let’s finish your bussiness at Sierra Madre first, then you can write your proposal at night.” So I just agreed with my rotten brain and play Fallout NV……untill 11.00 pm.

I can say myself as a video game geek (specially Fallout), and as a gamer, one thing that really hard to manage is your PLAYING TIME. Go ask away a WoW nerd about how they usually spend time to play WoW; most of them saying it’s depend. You can play several minute from your last saved game because what you need to do is teleport back to your horde and sell some items. But you can forget your lunch time (and even your class) just because you’re in the middle of war. I myself not a Wow player, but what it feels about managing time among video gamers is about the same like that. You even can sacrifice your social time just to finish a quest that probably have no positive effect for your life beside for personal pleasure. For the lucky ones, they could work in gaming industry and “play” games for life. For some “unlucky” gamers, they usually become sociopath, and on the next level, you guess it, called hikikomori. These kind of person could lock their bedroom inside, cut off their real life relationship, and not open their windows for long period of time. What I meant long period isn’t in hour or day count, but in weeks and month count. Sounds strange? I do so. But it’s one of common social problem in Japan.

So, back to my own problem, and from what I did this far, I have to discipline. I have to make my own weekly goal on writing proposal before deadline (I have 2-3 weeks!!!!). I need to arrange a schedule. I also need to remove ALL games on my laptop, and replace it with something productive, like write a post of do some crafting.

So that’s it. From the beginning I can’t guarantee this blog would be consistently updated. Furthermore this blog isn’t caught any visitor…


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