Hair drawing

I admit, I’m not good about drawing things. However, when I feel the pencil’s scrape on a paper, the satisfaction can’t be described. It could be the only reason why I keep drawing, even just a rough sketch about a stick man who trying to get a good wig, or a caricature that goes horribly wrong.
Sometimes when I’m on good mood, I could draw good things, even when I was 13, I could draw a good realistic Mike Shinoda face on the first attempt. Too bad I forgot where I keep it.
Talking about “things” that I could draw, I lately been obesesed with drawing hairs. One of my inspiration is the illustrations from this blog <;. From her illustrations, she probably a fashion designer (I’m too lazy to find out) and she has a beautiful cat.


I love the the lining technique she used, it makes the hair and the shading more enchanting

Her drawing style could show figure of a fashionista girl these days, with “haggard” body, and various object that reflect its persona, such as owl and cat.
And so then, I start exploring my “data palace” for some woman pictures to draw, then start drawing since my mood already assembled. Here’s the sneak peak:


I start with draw the face and any additional detail such as neck and so on. Then I start draw an outline, divide it with various part as a guide where the hair “flow”.


After the whole part is drawn, I clean the white section with kneadable eraser. Beacuse I left handed, drawing and writing always leave much of mess.


The finished sketch.


Here’s some of the sketches, total of the image i’ve drawn is 5 woman figure, and of course, with hair as its focus.


This one is my favourite, I enjoying the hair lining process.


I plan to ink the sketches then color it with water color. I know that I can’t draw an exact same thing like this, so I look for safest way: make some copies and keep the original. Perhaps I could make some book cover with these sketches.


Inking the first sketch. This figure was reference of a famous photograph “afghan girl”


Finished inking stage, not bad for an amateur.


Coloring process. I planned this step as experimental step, since this was a copied ones, so I could anticipate the worst thing happened. Like what should I do with the lip? So I leave it uncolored until I found out. Here the colored version of another sketches:


And the last picture, my messy table as usual.



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