What i did around 2012

I never made any resolution, because I afraid it would be accomplished. But I can say, year 2012 could be the best year in my life, because I socially more acceptable and I did more nice stuff like cooking, drawing, etc. Here’s the summary:


I got my first “big project”, an American football trophy requested directly from the club’s president which is also one of my old friend (actually, he proclaim himself as “president” instead “club leader”)

2012-06-16 18.32.06
I learn how to make a french macaroon. This one is Oreo french macaroon with cadburry’s chocolate filling, I hope I could get more better ingredient.

2012-08-25 08.20.58
I took my 2nd travel to my homevillage, the Karo Plateau in North Sumatra Province.2012-09-15 03.27.13
I also commissioned for the 2nd football trophy, this one is better.2012-10-02 21.14.07

I found a way how to shot a macro picture with smartphone.2012-10-16 21.30.49

I knew how to make a fake wound…2012-11-17 10.58.20

…and also my dumb drawing skill is improved.2012-11-25 14.31.06

I joined various community, which is mean I got more friends, which is mean I more socially accepted. This guys were from Bandung Street Dance Community, where I learn how to Pop and Krump as well as Waacking and Urban Dance.2012-11-28 16.17.17

My parent bought a vacuum cleaner with great vacuum power, which is mean I could make a vacuum forming machine that fits with my Jabbawockeez mask.2012-11-10 19.17.53

And the last, I bought my first rotary tool that was my wishlist for a couple year, with it, I could carve some miniature utensil, like this miniature wooden spoon.

I hope I could get more achievement on 2013, the biggest ones probably for my graduation, I hope I could finish my study on Social Science Education ASAP and graduated in august, 2013. And the other ones probably my love life, I’m hoping for a guy like “him”, someone that I’ve been crush for more than 6 years, but I know, we are different each other, so it can’t be made and I have to move on.
And for the ridiculous ones, I hope there’s no other movie about doom’s day prediction like the Hollywood did with the Mayan’s prediction. Seriously, it’s made nothing but chaos and joke about it.


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