Who Am I?

Race                      : Human, Asian

Tribe                       : Karo (North Sumatra)

Gender                   : Female

Affiliation                 :

  • Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  • Bandung Street Dance Community
  • Sabar Motorcycle Gang (The Panas Dalam Serikat)
  • 24 Informatika

Role                        :

  • Student with social studies major
  • Crafter (preferably clay material)
  • Video Gamer
  • Popper & Krumper (on training)

Location                  : Bandung, Indonesia

Karma                     : Neutral

S.P.E.C.I.A.L.          : 5 ST; 6 PE; 8 EN; 4 CH; 9 IN; 7 AG; 4 LK

Hit points                 : 21 (so far)

Trivia                       :

  • She was a big fan of Linkin Park, then turn to look another musician to admire. The last known are Coldplay and Daft Punk.
  • Besides make some miniatures and jeweleries, she also accept commission for make cosplay props and craftable item using clay as her main material.
  • As a female, she might be the only one in her city who plays male related game like Call of Duty Series and Starcraft. It’s all started when she enjyed watch her father play Age of Empire II and Dune 2000 while she was on primary school.
  • She’s naturally left handed, but while in 3rd grade of primary school her teacher force her to write with right hand, and successed, even tought after 1 month holiday she’s writting with left hand again.
  • While on high school, she know as a sociopath and unofficially have no friends. but after on collenge, her best friends are her classmates during her 1st grade on high school.
  • She also known as the only girl who could eat a bowl of noodle sold at front of her former primary school, that well known by its jumbo portion.
  • When interviewed which character that really resembles her personality, she replied: “i could be a Sherlock Holmes type, but when it related with gender matter, i probably more horrible than him.”

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