Hair drawing

I admit, I’m not good about drawing things. However, when I feel the pencil’s scrape on a paper, the satisfaction can’t be described. It could be the only reason why I keep drawing, even just a rough sketch about a stick man who trying to get a good wig, or a caricature that goes horribly wrong.
Sometimes when I’m on good mood, I could draw good things, even when I was 13, I could draw a good realistic Mike Shinoda face on the first attempt. Too bad I forgot where I keep it.
Talking about “things” that I could draw, I lately been obesesed with drawing hairs. One of my inspiration is the illustrations from this blog <;. From her illustrations, she probably a fashion designer (I’m too lazy to find out) and she has a beautiful cat.


I love the the lining technique she used, it makes the hair and the shading more enchanting

Her drawing style could show figure of a fashionista girl these days, with “haggard” body, and various object that reflect its persona, such as owl and cat.
And so then, I start exploring my “data palace” for some woman pictures to draw, then start drawing since my mood already assembled. Here’s the sneak peak:


I start with draw the face and any additional detail such as neck and so on. Then I start draw an outline, divide it with various part as a guide where the hair “flow”.


After the whole part is drawn, I clean the white section with kneadable eraser. Beacuse I left handed, drawing and writing always leave much of mess.


The finished sketch.


Here’s some of the sketches, total of the image i’ve drawn is 5 woman figure, and of course, with hair as its focus.


This one is my favourite, I enjoying the hair lining process.


I plan to ink the sketches then color it with water color. I know that I can’t draw an exact same thing like this, so I look for safest way: make some copies and keep the original. Perhaps I could make some book cover with these sketches.


Inking the first sketch. This figure was reference of a famous photograph “afghan girl”


Finished inking stage, not bad for an amateur.


Coloring process. I planned this step as experimental step, since this was a copied ones, so I could anticipate the worst thing happened. Like what should I do with the lip? So I leave it uncolored until I found out. Here the colored version of another sketches:


And the last picture, my messy table as usual.



sticker bomb on laptop?

saturday, march 31st.

i heard that the fuel price isn’t raised at april 1st. seems like we already trolled with the government 😛 thanks to me, i don’t need to begging my parents for extra “weekly salary”, because hey, one not does simply ask for money without getting lectured ;).

i just goddamit angry forgot to unistall Assasin’s Creed Brotherhood from my lil brother’s PC, till i found him played it, and seems like he already watch “that sexy time” between caterina and ezio…

i’m really NOT a good big sister.

move on.

i’ve been curious about Skrillex and Deadmau5, somebody said that they’re just as rock as Daft Punk, if Daft Punk were a dubstep artist. but just like the other Indonesian, i downloaded 3 skrillex single thus far. in my prior it’s so dumbstep, overall i like it. and Deadmau5? hell, a Dj with that mouse helmet and geek tattoos? looks like my type.

even tough i’m listen anything yet of his works.

i love creative people, no matter how they look. and i just can see the difference between the ones who work for the passion of art and creativity, and the ones who works for trends and money. the first one inspire you, while the last one just entertain you. Yes, David Guetta is cool, but his song can’t make ma dance every time i play it, not like Daft Punk.

anyway, back to deadmau5, you know he has lot geeky tattoo, and the ones at his left arm, the zelda HP hearts, honestly my fav, so i plan to make it as my next laptop sticker, along with his mau5 helmet vector and a troll face.

when you don’t know how to keep the pixel from breaking, print screen it

a sneaky troll is epic

i want the troll face and mau5 helmet in cutting sticker form, and the zelda health bar ordered in printed sticker. but the final is decided after the whole price is calculated. unfortunately X-mat is’n open at sunday, so i plan to order the cutting sticker at moday or wednesday, along with saving the payment ;).

i undersand that i can’t order for 1 piece, for cutting sticker it must be ordered at last Rp 20.000/design (thankfuly ramzi give me a discount, so i can order 1 price for 2 design). for zelda health bar, it must be the printed ones, because the basic color of my laptop is black, but i wanted the half empty heart is white.

which is mean i have to cut it one by one

this ones looks bad, need for replace

need an hour to remove the old ones, and impossible to be done without cajuput oil *sniff*

and tadaa!! not really hard to put the health  bar one by one, i’m satisfy enough 😀

also another deadmau5 on touchpad’s left.

with Ramzi and his fabulous cutting machine, boost me to make another design to pimp my laptop. the day before i make this post, i got another inspiration from somebody on 9gag 😉

i’ve been thinking about mario scene above the Toshiba logo, darth vader (or Captain Zee?) hold the logo, and starship trooper being pinned under the logo…but i have to choose one..