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Afriyani digugat 10 M oleh keluarga korban, kok dibilang kebanyakan?kayaknya kurang deh..


What i did around 2012

I never made any resolution, because I afraid it would be accomplished. But I can say, year 2012 could be the best year in my life, because I socially more acceptable and I did more nice stuff like cooking, drawing, etc. Here’s the summary:


I got my first “big project”, an American football trophy requested directly from the club’s president which is also one of my old friend (actually, he proclaim himself as “president” instead “club leader”)

2012-06-16 18.32.06
I learn how to make a french macaroon. This one is Oreo french macaroon with cadburry’s chocolate filling, I hope I could get more better ingredient.

2012-08-25 08.20.58
I took my 2nd travel to my homevillage, the Karo Plateau in North Sumatra Province.2012-09-15 03.27.13
I also commissioned for the 2nd football trophy, this one is better.2012-10-02 21.14.07

I found a way how to shot a macro picture with smartphone.2012-10-16 21.30.49

I knew how to make a fake wound…2012-11-17 10.58.20

…and also my dumb drawing skill is improved.2012-11-25 14.31.06

I joined various community, which is mean I got more friends, which is mean I more socially accepted. This guys were from Bandung Street Dance Community, where I learn how to Pop and Krump as well as Waacking and Urban Dance.2012-11-28 16.17.17

My parent bought a vacuum cleaner with great vacuum power, which is mean I could make a vacuum forming machine that fits with my Jabbawockeez mask.2012-11-10 19.17.53

And the last, I bought my first rotary tool that was my wishlist for a couple year, with it, I could carve some miniature utensil, like this miniature wooden spoon.

I hope I could get more achievement on 2013, the biggest ones probably for my graduation, I hope I could finish my study on Social Science Education ASAP and graduated in august, 2013. And the other ones probably my love life, I’m hoping for a guy like “him”, someone that I’ve been crush for more than 6 years, but I know, we are different each other, so it can’t be made and I have to move on.
And for the ridiculous ones, I hope there’s no other movie about doom’s day prediction like the Hollywood did with the Mayan’s prediction. Seriously, it’s made nothing but chaos and joke about it.

To the West!!

In Indonesia, at time around Eid Fitri, most of muslim do a kind of tradition named “mudik”, which is mean go home to our home village where you were born or your big family were living. It’s a common phenomenon among citizen of Java island because most of us aren’t came from the same city or province where we were living. Some of us just need an hour bus ride, and some of us need 4 hours flight just to visit their home village and spend time together with their big family. So if you’re a foreigner (and perhaps not a muslim) you’ll be surprise how busy the traffic. There’s more flight, lots of cars and buses swarming roads & docks, and a horribly traffic jam outside the city. Yet, on the D-day of Eid, you’ll be more surprise when you find out that the streets are so quiet.

Looks like an exodus of apocalypse

Technically every people in Indonesia belong to (at least) one native tribe. As you know, there’s hundreds of tribe in Indonesia, it could be possible that somebody could belongs to more than 1 tribe. Say a guy from Dayak tribe marry a girl from Bugis Tribe, their children later belong to both Dayak and Bugis tribe. And if their child marry somebody from Sunda tribe, their grandchild could belong to 3 tribes according its family line. Lucky me, both my parents came from the same tribe. They’re come from Karo tribe, which settled a plateau on North Sumatra Province which latest known by the awakening of mount Sinabung, after its 400 years sleep. There’s also another tribe in this province, the most well known is Tapanuli, which settled around Toba Lake.

Because I’m a Karonese who living in Sundanese land, when we have enough budget and courage, we “mudik” to North Sumatra. Alhamdulillah, this year we did it. But why I type “courage” after “budget”? Because our way to reach North Sumatra is NOT BY PLANE. Well, if using plane it takes an hour from Bandung to Medan. Then takes another 4 hour bus ride to reach Kabanjahe, capitol Karo Plateau, and takes another 6 hour minibus ride to my father home village. Or 1 hour car ride if we plan to my mother home village from Kabanjahe.

But have a trip by plane is obviously troublesome for us, because we have lots of sibling to visit in North Sumatra. So we take a land route. How far it is? It’s … KM. How much time it takes? It takes 4 days trip.

Yep, I’m not kidding.

So far I remember, it’s my  5th   visit to North Sumatra by land route. The last is around 2010’s, also around Eid Fitri, because the policy allowed all government employee to have 2 weeks full holiday due to “mudik” tradition. So it’s not only muslim, everyone could enjoy this chance once a year.

Of course I took pictures while on the trip, but most of them are family picture and some photograph of strangers that I surprised they’re still my cousins. Because it’s not really worth to show, at this post I just upload some picture that I interest me. I don’t have to describe them right?

The traffic was fucking bad, we have to wait for a night ’till the harbour opened, and brush our teeth on in the middle of highway.

Smoked fish, a pieces of traditional Luxury

Satay of various ingredients, Quail eggs, nuggets, squids, and various Cow’s innards. yum.

This one is my Favourite 🙂

Enjoying the silence in the heart of Palm Plantation area

On our way back home to Java island. we were lucky get a quiet ferry, so we get more seat to enjoying Sunda Strait.

Laziness (?)

I forgot when the last time I write something here. I just like out of myself. Well, not exactly “out”, but it’s like my laziness going feral. I won’t to do my minithesis proposal, I hate to attend a class, and even I just won’t make any claywork that actually my hobby. All my clay supplies and tools are stored, almost untouched, for almost a year.

Then, what I actually did so far? Well, it’s play too much video games.

And I have ALL Fallout games plus its add-ons. Well, except fallout 1 & 2.

Sometimes I’m thinking about my minithesis proposal, then my mind just like saying “you can do that later, let’s finish your bussiness at Sierra Madre first, then you can write your proposal at night.” So I just agreed with my rotten brain and play Fallout NV……untill 11.00 pm.

I can say myself as a video game geek (specially Fallout), and as a gamer, one thing that really hard to manage is your PLAYING TIME. Go ask away a WoW nerd about how they usually spend time to play WoW; most of them saying it’s depend. You can play several minute from your last saved game because what you need to do is teleport back to your horde and sell some items. But you can forget your lunch time (and even your class) just because you’re in the middle of war. I myself not a Wow player, but what it feels about managing time among video gamers is about the same like that. You even can sacrifice your social time just to finish a quest that probably have no positive effect for your life beside for personal pleasure. For the lucky ones, they could work in gaming industry and “play” games for life. For some “unlucky” gamers, they usually become sociopath, and on the next level, you guess it, called hikikomori. These kind of person could lock their bedroom inside, cut off their real life relationship, and not open their windows for long period of time. What I meant long period isn’t in hour or day count, but in weeks and month count. Sounds strange? I do so. But it’s one of common social problem in Japan.

So, back to my own problem, and from what I did this far, I have to discipline. I have to make my own weekly goal on writing proposal before deadline (I have 2-3 weeks!!!!). I need to arrange a schedule. I also need to remove ALL games on my laptop, and replace it with something productive, like write a post of do some crafting.

So that’s it. From the beginning I can’t guarantee this blog would be consistently updated. Furthermore this blog isn’t caught any visitor…

French macaroon???

ayolah….saya aja cewe tomboy gini bisa tergila-gila kalo ngeliat macaron…
mulai dari warna dan rasa, ga aneh kalo cemilan favorit Marie Antoniette jadi favorit setiap wanita. karena ada suatu klise, kalo apapun yang Queen of Debt suka, pasti disukai hampir setiap wanita di dunia.
apa itu macaron? yaitu 2 buah kue sejenis merigue yang disatukan dengan berbagai jenis isian. isian yang tradisional berupa buttercream dan chocolate ganache, tapi bisa saja berkreasi dengan berbagai isian, misalnya selai buah ato pasta kacang.

karena bentuk dan warnanya, banyak yang ngejadiin sumber inspirasi perhiasan dan decoden.

Sebagai miniaturist, saya juga sempat membuat beberapa miniatur macaron. cuman secara pribadi saya baru ngerasain macaron sekitar 2 bulan lalu. sebenernya sih karena faktor hoki, ibu yang pada waktu itu nemenin kerabat seserahan, dikasih oleh-oleh berupa sepotong gede rainbow cake sama 1 biji macaron dengan filling buttercream. dan rasanya? serasa jadi putri raja dari dunia tralala.

walopun udah diperkosa sama garpu, tetep aja yg namanya rainbow cake bikin mata melotot.

beberapa hari kemudian saya nemu kios di daerah sukamiskin yang menerima pesanan rainbow cake dan macaron dengan isi buttercream. dengan polosnya saya nanya harganya berapa.
“karena ini barang sisa saya kasih rp5.000,- per bijinya.”kata si enci sambil nunjuk satu kotak dengan makaron ukuran 5-6cm.
“ANJRIT MAHAL BANGET?!?!?!”teriak saya. dalam hati tentunya.
Cocok banget sama Marie Antoniette.
Dari internet, majalah, dan pameran-pameran, ternyata harga 1 buah makaron memang berkisar segitu, untuk isi buttercream. kalo isinya non tradisional ( non buttercream, kaya chocolate ganache ato krim rasa teh hijau) harganya bisa berkisar rp 7.000-10.000/biji. buset dah….
dan daripada itu, saya yang prinsip hidupnya “lebih baik bikin daripada beli”, mulai browsing mengenai resep macaron. ternyata membuat macaron itu ga terlalu ribet, cuman butuh ketelitian, terutama pas manggangnya. karena kalo ada 1 langkah yang gak dituruti, bisa-bisa gagal kaya gini.

rasanya sih tetep enak

Dibawah ini resep yang menurut saya bahannya paling mudah didapat dan paling gampang prosedur pembuatannya.

putih telur
tepung almond* <<—yang bikin macaron mahal tu ini
tepung gula
cream of tartar
gula pasir
*untuk tepung almond, berhubung barang langka, bisa dibuat dari almond kupas yang mentah terus diblender, biar hasilnya halus, hasil blender-nya diayak, terus yang masih kasar diblender lagi.

katanya, macaron yang bagus tu selain permukaannya ga pecah/retak-retak, bagian luarnya renyah, namun bagian dalamnya masih empuk dan chewy. dan kalo udah ahli bikinnya, bakal ngehasilin macaron dengan retakan khas di bagian sisinya.

oia, untuk prosedur pembuatannya saya ngikutin yang dari Laura Vitale, soalnya cuman resep dia aja yang paling tinggi ratingnya di youtube, dan paling sederhana. untuk yang ga ngerti bahasa inggris, silahkan cari yang berbahasa indonesia, ato, kursus bahasa inggris dulu gih, hehe…

pas percobaan pertama, gagal total. hasilnya seperti gambar diatas.
setelah beberapa kali belototin video mbak Vitale, ternyata masalahnya ada 7 ;
1. naro cream of tar tar-nya kebanyakan
2. ngocok telurnya ga sampe kaku
3. naro gula pasirnya ga bertahap
4. karena hasil kocokannya ga kaku, adonannya juga ga kaku alias cair

Dan meluber sebelom dipanggang

5. kertas pelapisnya bukan kertas roti, tapi kertas minyak dapet nemu pas bongkar persediaan.
6. karena dari adonan dan kertasnya udah salah, manggangnya pun jadi ga semangat.

untuk isiannya pake selai stroberi (buatan sendiri tentunya) dicampur sama coklat rasa stroberi (dapet nemu di kulkas)

bagian tengahnya sih chewy, tapi bagian bawahnya ikut ikutan empuk, jadi nempel permanen ke kertas yang ga anti lengket. akhirnya saya, ibu, dan adek menikmati macaron gagal dengan cara di korek-korek pake sendok kaya nyomot sisa wajit di penggorengan. yang bisa diselamatkan (alias yang bisa diangkat seluruhnya dari kertas) diberi isian.
untuk percobaan kedua, jauh lebih baik.
bahan dan isian masih sama. dengan memperhatikan kesalahan-kesalahan sebelumnya, serta lebih hati-hati pas manggang, hasilnya jauh lebih baik, walopun masih retak-retak dan bagian atasnya masih lancip.

Diluarnya renyah dalemnya chewy 😀

kemungkinan retak-retaknya karena dari proses mangganggnya, kayanya untuk percobaan selanjutnya harus browsing tips manggang macaron deh..
Oia, saya dapet link yang berguna banget mengenai cara membuat macaron disini 😀 isinya mendetail, dan ada juga tautan ke video serta tips dan “peraturan” mengenai pembuatan macaron. salah satunya (yang sempet jadi kesalahan saya) adalah wadah untuk mengocok telur usahakan dari bahan logam atau kaca, karena wadah dari bahan plastik terlalu “licin” untuk putih telur sehingga putih telur tidak akan kaku. kalo putih telurnya udah gak kaku, kesananya bakal ga bener deh…

Overlag start up


this is what happened when you editing movie with adding lots of separated movie clips. results? overlag on my 2.13Ghz processor and 2GB RAM laptop. first aid? incerease the virtual memory. or you can search for some mod like game booster. also works for non game application, according to a friend.