2012-11-12 08.46.37

Afriyani digugat 10 M oleh keluarga korban, kok dibilang kebanyakan?kayaknya kurang deh..


What i did around 2012

I never made any resolution, because I afraid it would be accomplished. But I can say, year 2012 could be the best year in my life, because I socially more acceptable and I did more nice stuff like cooking, drawing, etc. Here’s the summary:


I got my first “big project”, an American football trophy requested directly from the club’s president which is also one of my old friend (actually, he proclaim himself as “president” instead “club leader”)

2012-06-16 18.32.06
I learn how to make a french macaroon. This one is Oreo french macaroon with cadburry’s chocolate filling, I hope I could get more better ingredient.

2012-08-25 08.20.58
I took my 2nd travel to my homevillage, the Karo Plateau in North Sumatra Province.2012-09-15 03.27.13
I also commissioned for the 2nd football trophy, this one is better.2012-10-02 21.14.07

I found a way how to shot a macro picture with smartphone.2012-10-16 21.30.49

I knew how to make a fake wound…2012-11-17 10.58.20

…and also my dumb drawing skill is improved.2012-11-25 14.31.06

I joined various community, which is mean I got more friends, which is mean I more socially accepted. This guys were from Bandung Street Dance Community, where I learn how to Pop and Krump as well as Waacking and Urban Dance.2012-11-28 16.17.17

My parent bought a vacuum cleaner with great vacuum power, which is mean I could make a vacuum forming machine that fits with my Jabbawockeez mask.2012-11-10 19.17.53

And the last, I bought my first rotary tool that was my wishlist for a couple year, with it, I could carve some miniature utensil, like this miniature wooden spoon.

I hope I could get more achievement on 2013, the biggest ones probably for my graduation, I hope I could finish my study on Social Science Education ASAP and graduated in august, 2013. And the other ones probably my love life, Iโ€™m hoping for a guy like “him”, someone that I’ve been crush for more than 6 years, but I know, we are different each other, so it can’t be made and I have to move on.
And for the ridiculous ones, I hope there’s no other movie about doom’s day prediction like the Hollywood did with the Mayan’s prediction. Seriously, it’s made nothing but chaos and joke about it.

sticker bomb on laptop?

saturday, march 31st.

i heard that the fuel price isn’t raised at april 1st. seems like we already trolled with the government ๐Ÿ˜› thanks to me, i don’t need to begging my parents for extra “weekly salary”, because hey, one not does simply ask for money without getting lectured ;).

i just goddamit angry forgot to unistall Assasin’s Creed Brotherhood from my lil brother’s PC, till i found him played it, and seems like he already watch “that sexy time” between caterina and ezio…

i’m really NOT a good big sister.

move on.

i’ve been curious about Skrillex and Deadmau5, somebody said that they’re just as rock as Daft Punk, if Daft Punk were a dubstep artist. but just like the other Indonesian, i downloaded 3 skrillex single thus far. in my prior it’s so dumbstep, overall i like it. and Deadmau5? hell, a Dj with that mouse helmet and geek tattoos? looks like my type.

even tough i’m listen anything yet of his works.

i love creative people, no matter how they look. and i just can see the difference between the ones who work for the passion of art and creativity, and the ones who works for trends and money. the first one inspire you, while the last one just entertain you. Yes, David Guetta is cool, but his song can’t make ma dance every time i play it, not like Daft Punk.

anyway, back to deadmau5, you know he has lot geeky tattoo, and the ones at his left arm, the zelda HP hearts, honestly my fav, so i plan to make it as my next laptop sticker, along with his mau5 helmet vector and a troll face.

when you don’t know how to keep the pixel from breaking, print screen it

a sneaky troll is epic

i want the troll face and mau5 helmet in cutting sticker form, and the zelda health bar ordered in printed sticker. but the final is decided after the whole price is calculated. unfortunately X-mat is’n open at sunday, so i plan to order the cutting sticker at moday or wednesday, along with saving the payment ;).

i undersand that i can’t order for 1 piece, for cutting sticker it must be ordered at last Rp 20.000/design (thankfuly ramzi give me a discount, so i can order 1 price for 2 design). for zelda health bar, it must be the printed ones, because the basic color of my laptop is black, but i wanted the half empty heart is white.

which is mean i have to cut it one by one

this ones looks bad, need for replace

need an hour to remove the old ones, and impossible to be done without cajuput oil *sniff*

and tadaa!! not really hard to put the healthย  bar one by one, i’m satisfy enough ๐Ÿ˜€

also another deadmau5 on touchpad’s left.

with Ramzi and his fabulous cutting machine, boost me to make another design to pimp my laptop. the day before i make this post, i got another inspiration from somebody on 9gag ๐Ÿ˜‰

i’ve been thinking about mario scene above the Toshiba logo, darth vader (or Captain Zee?) hold the logo, and starship trooper being pinned under the logo…but i have to choose one..

mudik -3-

ya gitu dah. sy jga ga mau kalah dengan para perantau lainnya yang pulang kampung. bedanya sy ma ga ke kampung halaman (itu udah taun kmaren, dibayarin stengah jalan lagi). tapi ke kampung halaman istri-kakaknya-almarhum-kakek-saya. itu, kampung halamannya malin kundang juga, tanah minangkabau….
kesananya mau ambil jalur darat, namanya juga pelesiran…biar kesana kemari gampang, soalnya dsono angkot ga semerawut di bandung, jadi ongkosnya agak mahal.
sbelom pergi, ada baiknya menyelesaikan perkara yang mengganjal, betul?
perkara no. 1 : bikin header. udah jadi dan udah diupload

perkara no. 2: balikin film ke zap. udah. tapi dendanya nganjuk dulu, ga bawa dompet -3-

perkara no. 3: beli baju lebaran. udah. walopun lebih tepatnya beli baju buat dirumah.

perkara no. 4: beli kneadable eraser sama pensil H. buat apa? kalo-kalo pengen ngegambar ato nulis “strekoza/fafatonk was here” di tembok rumah orang di tiap propinsi.

perkara no. 5: cuci baju. sayang yang ini ga sempet

perkara no. 6: ngambil film dari mbim. udah. malah dia dateng ke mesjid deket rumah ama Nyah.

perkara no. 7: install ulang notebook. gebleknya ga jadi gara-gara tmen bapak kburu pulang pas gajian. kalo install ulang sendiri pasti kena marah (untuk alasan yg ridiculous, misalnya nyalahin tune up utility kalo wireless ga berfungsi). makin parah lagi, netbooknya kena pirus downandup, mau ga mau, ke padang bawa notebook sakit -.-”

yo ah, mau ngepak-ngepak lagi, toh sy onlen cuman buat upload header sama nunggu headernya dikomentarin, hehe…