Doodled Bookmark

Several months ago, one friend of mine has come back from Osaka, Japan, which is one of his dream. Because he went there for college purpose, we can’t ask lot of souvenir, so I just asked him to bring some sakura flower. Too bad he could only brought 3 buds, because when he went there, the spring is almost over in Japan,¬† so he can’t more perfect bud of sakura flower, beside his schedule was very busy. I myself still glad, since what I want is listen his stories while in Japan, because going aboard is also my dream. And he also brought some weird snacks that smell and taste like fish food..
What I would do with these flower? Well, I was planned to make it as bookmark, 1 bud for each bookmark, the ones would be mine, and the other two would be him’s. Too bad at first attempt I horribly ruin it.

2012-10-25 19.40.49

This the shot of the first bookmark. The “fish” figure on the bottom was made from flower buds (i forgot what the flower named), and the red dots was a liquid that I extracted from roses. It smell good, but seriously, I dissatisfied. So I threw it away, then realize that I glued one of the sakura flower into it. Damn.

2012-10-25 20.59.19

Dissatisfied with the previous result, and I promised to give my friend the bookmark, I decided to put all the sakura flower into one bookmark. I planed to make the bookmark with some japan related doodle then watercolor it. I choose to draw yotsuba  and danbo as well as the rising sun symbol.

2012-12-19 00.30.26

Outline it with Lyra watercolor pencil.

2012-12-19 00.51.32
Preparing the flower.

2012-12-19 00.54.00

I was worried the flower would be folded or the petal would detached, but the flower is perfectly glued without any folded buds. Phew.

2012-12-19 01.02.20

Final result before going to finishing step.

2012-12-19 01.02.37

To make it last longer and waterproof, I brought it to photocopy center and ask it to be laminated. Now I satisfied with the final result.

2012-12-20 18.44.23

I wish I could shot how it looks during afternoon, but I have to give it to my friend ASAP since he wait it for several months.